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29th-Jan-2011 12:11 am - holy crap, another post
Just a post to say I uploaded a new LJ Icon. lol I'm a loser :P
28th-Jan-2011 07:59 pm - Vanity
Been home with some kind of head cold that includes sneezing and runny nose.

So for now, here's an old meme. :)

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15th-Jun-2010 11:23 pm - Just an update
Okay, I've been slacking on the updates. Partially because I no longer have an LJ client on my computer... I think that's why I stopped in the first place when I got off my Windows computer.
Well, I have one for my Mac now, let's see how it goes (again).

In the last couple weeks, I haven't been really inspired to stay on top of my diet and logging my food. I've over eaten every day and I'm back at 223 lbs. I still weight myself daily, and I'm not sure why. I have also stopped going to the gym for a week now. I need to go back and hit it hard along with a proper diet; I just haven't had the motivation to do any of it.

In other news, my aunt passed away from cancer complications on Saturday. Rest in peace... I know we weren't close, but you had definitely made an impact in my life and I suck for not being there in your last couple months. I almost didn't show up at the hospital on the last night cause I was too scared to be there, but I made it there. I wish I had said something even though we weren't sure if you could hear us, but maybe you knew I was there anyway?

Anyway, I'm still unemployed. I have a phone screen tomorrow with NYU's Stern and then an interview for a consulting job at Times Square. I am still waiting for a call back for a second interview at Columbia. I would really rather get the job at Columbia but I cannot just sit and wait to see what happens. I'm hoping it all works itself out - somehow.
6th-May-2010 08:01 pm - Hong Kong
So I never made an entry about heading to Hong Kong for my Grandma's funeral.
Well, the funeral was very different. It was my first Chinese funeral. My pops spent the first week there pretty stressed out.

The second week was a little less stressful, we got to go to different places and act like tourist. I had a lot of fun.
11th-Feb-2010 10:01 pm - RIP Grandma
Just dedicating this LJ Entry for my Grandma on my dad's side. Passed away at 9:25am 2/12/2010 Hong Kong time.
She had a long life and passed away in her 90s.

My dad is sorta frantically trying to contact people and keeping busy. He was kinda expecting it because she was in the hospital recently. My dad looks so tired... I wish there was something I could do besides washing the dishes. He's been keeping himself pretty busy and trying to gather enough money to support me and have to send funds to HK before grandma passed away, and other things.

But back to grandma... she was healthy through out her life and did really well. I would say she was epic at living.
Now, she rests in peace with her hubby and the guy that took care of her after grandpa passed. (No, it wasn't like that)
29th-Jun-2009 12:51 am - w00t
me and you (mine)
Happy Pride folks :)
10th-May-2009 10:42 pm - &@#$*(@
Find one song, a song about love, glory, from the soul of a young man, a young man, find the one song, before the virus takes hold, glory, like a sunset, one song, to redeem this empty life, time flies, and then no need to endure any more, time dies.
9th-Mar-2009 12:19 pm - Sleeeeeeeeep
I wanna fall back asleep :(

Been really sleepless lately, I think it's because of the new pillows. Or the lack of jobs.

But I finally have a new dream... it was weird. First of all, I was at the gym and went to buy a bottle of water. When it came out of the the machine, it had a piece of paper in the bottle. I was like, wtf, gimme my dollar back instead of this garbage. So I threw it away and later thought there might be a message in the bottle.

But before this happened. I was at someone's house, I think it was mine. Some people came over, and I met this guy. So we started hanging out, just us. We were watching some show that has like a dysfunctional family. But Cesar Millan was there, and we said to each other, then he could fix their dog too! We giggled and we kissed.
Fast forwarding to the gym, that happened. We were kinda those obnoxious people that make out on the street, but we only tap kissed trying to tone it down... Somehow that gym turned into some type of office with a gym and we were headed out cause the office was closing.

It felt nice to have a stable relationship.

but I eventually woke up and that was that.
7th-Mar-2009 11:03 am - Flickr
Yay, one of my picture that I took in SF got included in an online SF guide.

22nd-Feb-2009 11:59 pm - Oscar
The film that I like never wins. lol
But I'm glad I caught Sean Penn's speech.
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